15 January 2014

Fudge Oyster Surprises

Wafers stuffed with super sweet chewy fudge cookie dough.


115g Butter
115g Caster sugar
130g Brown sugar (light and dark muscavado both work perfectly, though dark will have more of a caramel flavour)
2 eggs
1tsp vanilla extract
290g plain flour
1tsp bicarbonate of soda
270g of fudge pieces - can be a mixture of fudge chocolate bars, fudge sweets and chocolate chips

First • Beat the butter and sugars together until light and fluffy.

Second • Add eggs one at a time until fully incorporated.  Scrap the sides with a spatula each time.

Third • Add flour a bit at a time whilst your mixer is running. The more you beat the chewier your cookies will be.

... For the oyster delights continue. "Hold on I just want to cook the fudge cookies!" Ok ok skip to below the stars.

Four • Mix in fudge until evenly dispersed.

Five • Scoop tablespoon-sized amount in to a silicon cupcake mould.

Six • Cook for 15 mins at around 170 degrees C until almost cooked.

Seven • Whilst the cupies cook, split open your wafers on a plate ready with the two sides next to each other.

Eight • When your cookies are set on top, not wobbly and slightly golden, remove from the oven. Immediately,
using a spoon, transfer your cupies in to the vanilla-filled side of the wafer and sandwich the other half on top. Repeat.

Whilst hot, your cupies will still be soft and will mould to the wafers. Your cupies should be cooked enough that when removed from the tray the outside pretty much stays together and is cooked.

I put my fudge oyster delights in the cooling oven to help keep them warm. You don't want the oven on as otherwise the chocolate will burn.

If you just want to bake this as cookies, then put tablespoon amounts of dough on to a tray lined with a non stick sheet. Give each cookie a 3cm perimeter so it can spread whilst cooking. Push the fudge in your balls of dough goodness.

If you find your fudge leaks out the side of cookies and your cookies spread too much then try chilling the dough before using or add two tablespoons of extra flour.

 Fudge cookies made it ALL the way to Santa Cruz de Tenerife.
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