9 January 2014

Christmas Cupcakes

I'm sure everyone shares my feeling of utter exhaustion after the whirlwind of Christmas. Even having a very (very) chilled NYE I still feel like my feet haven't touched the ground and I'm off tomorrow for the weekend (more about that to come).

It may seem weird posting these after the event, but favourite them for next year... Plus it gives me a chance to look through Christmas photos again - I love all the candles things. (What a pansy I am.)

These cupcakes are the perfect solution if you don't have the time (or lack forward planning skills) to make a Christmas Cake or Christmas Pudding. They may also be enjoyed by those who like the fruit part, but not the strong booze or dense texture. They were perfect for my second Christmas Dinner of the year (half way there...) and would also be a good option for work celebration.

You may have to pop out and get the ingredients for this, but they are abundant around Christmas OR you may already have them in your dreamy farmhouse walk in pantry where you hold the inventory of a small shop 'just in case'. Yes, I'm looking at you Nigella Lawson. The almond essence may not be in cupboard/local shop, but you can easily sprinkle ground almonds on top of vanilla frosting as an alternative. I bought my almond essence from Sainsburys and the essence can also be used for the Angel Cake.

The recipe can be found here.
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