5 January 2014

Boston Cream Cupcakes

I have had no idea what Boston Cream Pie was if I'm honest, but these babies are scrummy. I felt slightly mislead by the picture. I thought these were all chocolate numbers, but they are vanilla with custard and thick chocolate frosting.

First things first, whip up vanilla cupcakes like you're riding a bike (not literally, but because you should know the drill by now).

Next make your custard. This should be as familiar as your lucky pants by the time you reach your final month of Hummingbird Recipes.

Finally mix up that chocolate frosting. It's rich and thick and hard to top your cakes neatly, but it's all in the name of the goddess of chocolate. The frosting is of a similar texture to the Chocolate Cupcake recipe and is something to behold.

Cut out little cones, chop off the excess inner sponge (and swiftly eat... you know - just to keep you going) and fill the new found gap with custard, replacing the cake lid.

Scoop some chocolate frosting on top and try your best to spread it and conceal your little secret.

These cupcakes are very messy, but it's worth the effort. I can't say I tasted the custard, but I think it did mean that the cake and frosting could be on the dry side and get away with it, because the custard makes an appearance.

Top marks!

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