5 January 2014

Black & White Cheesecake Bars

Given my somewhat patchy track record with cheesecake, these bars were damn good. Maybe it was the fact that they weren't as thick as a cheesecake, so the structure is [more] foolproof?

Maybe it was the fact that Molly kept me content with hilarious conversations, as per?

Maybe it was more to do with the fact it was left to chill overnight?

Who knows, but from a cheesecake sceptic I was impressed.

After you have cooked the base layer it came out all crinkly like elephant skin.

Melting the white chocolate in the microwave takes attention, but if you put your chocolate in for only 10 second increments and stir frequently there is no need for a bowl over boiling water.

Nobody knows why these work so much better than my cheesecakes, but I do know these are great. And I do love the pattern on the top - very cow-print-esque, very my godmother (she lurvs da cowz). It may seem strange to 'crumble' the dough mixure on top but it really does work! Whoever knew?...

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