11 December 2013

Tiramisu Cupcakes

I've been holding out on these cupcakes all year as multiple people wrote their name all over them. Well there is no longer time for any hanging around. Now is time to seize the moment and complete this challenge.

The running committee was over tonight so I dutifully baked an array of goods including Violet Cupcakes, Cardamon Whoopie Pies and these Tiramisu Cupcakes. The Cardamon Whoopie Pies where the dark house and these where the knight in shining armour. In their little gold cases they finally made an appearance at well past bedtime, but committee meetings have a tendency to burn the late night oil so between them they managed to consume these and took the spares home (sorry Violet and Cardamon).

They are a bit fiddly and my top tip would be to cut your cone out, before making it flat so you have a lid. The you douse in coffee syrup before filling. By removing the peak, you can fill the cake and the lid sits flat making them easier to frost on top.

I say frost, but these cupcakes have a unique topping of whipped cream, mascarpone cheese and Kahlua. I think you could get away with not using any Kahlua, but if you have it then go for it! (In the photos the cream is on the left and the mascarpone is on the right.)

The frosting doesn't have to be neat and then all you need to do is dust with cocoa.

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