19 December 2013

Pistachio Whoopie Pies

We took a profiling test the other week at work (I think it was a Belbin test) and I'm a 'Completer Finisher'. That means I'm a perfectionist and find things hard to let go. Hmm... Well Hummingbird's Pistachio Whoopie Pies recipe hit a few notes. It just felt a bit 'jolty'. For example they wanted you to mix yoghurt (measured in grams) with teaspoons of vanilla and tablespoons of milk and mix before adding to the mixture. Just add it all at once and save yourself the washing up?...

Another example of the disjointed method included measuring baking powder and bicarbonate of soda in 1/4 teaspoons. My little measuring spoons go as far as 1/2 tsp, but 1/4 or 3/4?? Uh uh. Clearly I need to upgrade to these badboys.

The fact that the recipe called for 1/4 tsp and only 1 egg meant I couldn't scale down operations as I have been doing. Unless you have guests, I find that the quantity the batter makes is always too many for the 'average' house of 4. And yes, I could sit there and eat 4, but I would much rather make small quantities and make a variety than have the same cakes three nights in a row (but if you so wish to keep eating the same one, unless stated otherwise, I have normally found the cakes to be good for a couple of days - even up to a week!).

My phone popped its clogs after 3 long years together, so apologies for the awful photography - my camera is great under water, but is like a fish out of water in my kitchen. A full technology upgrade is expected imminently.

I keep my leftover whoopie filling in the fridge as the recipe normally makes double the required!
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