12 December 2013

Eggnog Cupcakes & Candy Cane Cupcakes

What's the whoooraaaa??

Tomorrow is Christmas Jumper Day (thank-you Lucy for saving me after 3 failed attempts to get my own jumper) and my work is joining in. Since starting at this new job I haven't really been taking cake in to work, but I piped up at this opportunity. If there is any time to break the ice-ing now was it. All in aid of Save the Children.

Who better to demand knitwear festivity that Sarah Lund. (If you haven't seen The Killing I demand you spead my Birthday/Boxing Day watching. I'll be in Paris so there really is no excuse).

If you would like to donate £1 then text WOOLLEY to 70050. You can see a running total on the Save the Children Christmas Jumper Day homepage.

If you're a blogger you can get involved by tweeting Westfields your post @westfieldstrat and #Selfies4STC and THEY will donate £10. 

The Cakes

The cake bases are vanilla (commence pre work baking) then the fun bit - frosting and decorating.

Very very full Kenwood.

Very very VERY full jug.

Eggnog Cupcakes
As you can see using the edible glitter was great fun - a bit like Barry M's Dazzle Dust. It's Christmas though, so glitter really is a necessity.

I made sure that the eggnog icing was tested first to make sure it wasn't too strange. It passed the test apparently.

The eggnog cupcakes are made with Rum Extract and freshly grated nutmeg. I couldn't even taste the rum essence, but you can get it from Sainsburys, Asda and numerous online baking suppliers.

These cupcakes do taste Christmassy but I think the thing that makes it is the gingerbread men and the glitter.

Candy Cane Cupcakes

These cupcakes are flavoured with peppermint essence. I don't really associate candy canes with peppermint, but that's probably because you don't see many red things that are mint flavoured. Amazing  how we associate certain colours with certain tastes.

To get the two tone frosting, split the icing and mix half with red food colouring before smearing the red one side and white the other. I was actually suprised that I managed to achieve this! I used a big round piping tip like in the book, but you could just add a few drops of red to the peppermint frosting and let it marble naturally like I did for the Apple Blossom Cupcakes. A bit less effort for those who are rushing around this Christmas. 

...OR just colour all the frosting red. I had to make more frosting and sort of gave up on the two tone - it would have meant extra washing up and I think red with the white snowflakes is just as pretty.

I hope you all enjoy your christmas jumpers tomorrow!

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