20 December 2013

Coconut Layer Cake

Any cake that spans two pages always signals trouble. This recipe is the exception though... That is if you have custard down to a tee. You can easily make this recipe a palaver (no not a pavlova - though that would be talented). You can add a buttercream heart on top that has no relevance like in the book. You can grate fresh coconut and roast it. You can whip cream in to your custard.


You can do two third cake mixture and reduce the cake by a layer, reducing topple risk and diabetes risk all in one. You can half the custard topping mixture. You can serve the cream on the side rather than folding in to the coconut custard. You can sprinkle the sides with desicated coconut, rather than fresh roasted coconut.

The choice is yours. I thoroughly enjoyed the second option, but I'm sure the former will be more spectacular. If you are scaling this one down, work all the measurements out beforehand and write them on a separate piece of paper to avoid confusion.

Coconut may not be the traditional baking ingredient for the Christmas period, but desiccated it makes damn fine snow. It's also a well-loved ingredient in many Asian dishes, so went perfectly with our Asian Salmon and lime and coconut rice.

It's been so long since I've used coconut milk, as cooking has being dumped until baking has been completed, that I forgot you need to shake and mix it. I plopped in the thick coconut on the top and was left with the watery half of the tin for the coconut custard, so I open a fresh tin.

Add the milk to the yolk half of the custard REALLY REALLY slowly to avoid lumps in your custard.

Let the constructing fun commence.

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