4 December 2013

Chocolate Orange Cupcakes

These beauties are a classic. They HAVE to be a winner, because quite frankly they just aren't allowed to be anything else. I've saved them up ALL year and here we are. They make their debut and for Lucy's birthday no less.

Although I still live at home (give me a break I'm still a teenager... just) sometimes it feels like I don't even see my parents. Well last night I went for a run with my Mum. It meant running a little slower than normal (no offense Mum) but we had a good chat. It was lovely. I told her about my plans for travelling and the dream routes I'd been plotting on Bootsnall and she told me to go for it - a blessing indeed. So maybe I was feeling all humble and warm, so I decided to bake the TV kind of way. I weighed all the ingredients out in three bowls and then all I had to do was combine in order. It was all too perfect, so I went and altered the recipe a bit and have written it out for you below...

Hummingbird Bakery's Chocolate Orange Cupcakes Beanie Style

The Cakes...

Mine mixed worked out as 12 muffins and 8 cupcakes, so I hope you're hungry/greedy.

70g Butter + 105g Caster Sugar + 50g Brown Sugar - use light or dark brown sugar as I have never found it to make a difference [yet]. CREAM TOGETHER in your mixer/big bowl.

255g Plain Flour + Pinch of salt + 2tsp Baking Powder + 50g Cocoa Powder. SIFT IF YOU'RE A FANCY BAKER (or your flour is quite old).

225ml milk + 2 eggs + zest of something orange (whatever you have, just zest one - orange, satsuma, tangerine...) + 1tsp vanilla + 1 tsp orange blossom water/orange flavouring (if you wish). WHISK A BIT WITH A FORK.

To number 1 add a bit of 2 & 3 alternating until well combined. If you have some spare chocolate, sneak in some chunks like I did. Things like minstrels or malteasers would also work well.

Plop into muffin/cupcake cases. For this mixture you can use a spoon to do this (rather than a jug for some of the runnier mixtures like the Vanilla Cupcakes).

Bake at 170 degrees C. Check the oven after 10 minutes for cupcakes, then every 4/5 minutes after that for the muffins. The cakes are done when a skewer comes out clean -OR- when they bounce back when lightly touched. They shouldn't be wobbly!!

The Frosting...

Whisk 50g butter + 300g icing sugar until crumbly.

Add 100g cream cheese (half fat works a-ok in this instance) and 30g cocoa powder (not drinking chocolate) and mix until smooth.

Decorate with orange peel or be lame and pick out orange sprinkles. I think mine look a bit halloween-y?

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