6 December 2013

Apple Blossom Cupcakes

These cakes make seem a little out of place in the midst of winter, but truthfully this recipe really had been causing an issue. I mean WHERE ON EARTH was I going to find Apple Iced Tea Powder. I searched high and low in supermarkets to no avail and one such name kept popping up time and time again. Haza baba. Well folks, I can tell you this is what you're looking for.

Where to find apple iced tea powder

Once you know what you're looking for it's a case of choosing where to buy it. I thought Amazon was the best choice, but I don't think it was the cheapest. In the end I settled for Healthstoreuk and were very impressed indeed. I order Thursday AM and it arrived on Friday! Super efficient. The biggest cost of all is the postage if you're only buying one item. If you buy it from Goodness Direct the postage is free if you spend over £35. Similarly at Real Foods the postage is free over £24 and they have a baking section with all sorts of nuts and organic ingredients. I mean I'm not one to encourage buying useless rubbish, but if you're on the site have a snoop and see if there is anything else you fancy stocking up on.

The smell as you open the apple iced tea powder is strong, but pleasant. It took my so long to figure out what it smells like... Apple sourz. (Stay classy San Diago)

For the icing I put a drop of green food colouring in the icing. I didn't mix it but instead spooned it straight in to the piping bag to give the icing a rippled effect. I used a big * shaped piping tip.

I love piping like this - it's so pretty. What do you think?

A very yummy recipe, but perhaps not worth spending disproportionate amounts of time or money to source it. The Apple Custard Cupcakes are just as yummy, but these would be great for children.
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