21 November 2013

School of Grazia: Food Blogging

On Wednesday I was lucky to join a room full of (I must assume) food bloggers, to delve in to the minds of Ms Marmite Lover (Kerstin), Recipe Riffles (Ester) & Gastro Geek (Rejina). Quite honestly the event was nothing like what I expected, neither in a positive or negative sense. It's like when you eat pink ice cream and you expect it to taste like strawberry, but instead it's banana.

The night took an almost confessional turn when Ester told us that she started her blog as an afterthought to leaving her job in the midst of a recession, Kerstin told us she has a relationship with her Aga and Rejina started her blog as a way to organise her recipes.

If I had to describe the night in three words it would be GENUINE BRUTAL HONESTY. Time and time again the bloggers told us that when they started out they wrote for themselves. They hadn't thought through strategy or branding and actually it's a 'learn-on-the-job-kind-of-thing'. You find your voice, your brand, your readership and your niche. To find out more about why I started go here.

What I really didn't expect was how comical the whole night would be. Particularly Ms Marmite's mention of jigging and Ester's passion for another blog about a 'crazy' mother who's child wouldn't sleep.

The only mild dissapointment was that there was no food, so off me and Mollie went to Grillshack. You will find a full review over on Mollie's blog, but I know the bit you're all interested in is the sweet stuff. Well you shouldn't be interested. It was fine. It filled the pudding stomach, but to be brutally honestly (as I always am and according the bloggers above, always should be) I have never made an ice cream sandwich and could have done a much better job. The middle section was just about chewy enough to make it enjoyable momentarily, but it was poorly filled and shouldn't be consumed by anyone with wobbly teeth, braces fillings or dentias. So that leaves the population between 21 and what 40? I even *shock horror* left a bit.

On a very important side note, London looks beautiful at this time of year and the lights are a delight in themselves. It always excites me to see all the lights adorning the streets and FINALLY I feel like Christmas might be creeping up on us...

Ps. If you're still reading consider yourself warned that there are 40 days left this year and an awful lot of recipes. You've been warned.

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