26 November 2013

Raspberry and Peach Tart

With working full time you realise just how quickly time flies. When you're in education you see your friends by default whereas when you work you have 52 weekends a year and evenings to try and see everyone. Factor in fitness (just pretend...) and down time (don't pretend you don't need it) and you're not left with a luxurious amount to play with. And if like me your friends have scattered themselves across the country, then you understand how hard it can be to see them.

The other Friday, as it happens, I spent the evening down in Bristol, dancing the night the morning away. When you work out that I was awake for 23 hours, it was no wonder my Saturday seem to disappear. I finally set off home for one hell of a journey. It was not supposed to be so lengthly, but the sat nav was on strike. It worked and then it didn't. Just stopped charging, cut out and refused to give up any sort of information. By the time I had realised that this, I was half way round the M25 and had added 40 mins to my arrival time just like that *clicks fingers*.

I had assured my Mum that I had left plenty of time to cook before the guests came and I wouldn't let them suffer the painful tune of the Kenwood. Given the sat nav mishap I begrudgingly admitted defeat and allowed my dearest mother to make the pastry.

After my little tutorial from both parents, I managed to whip up the custard and fold in with the cream (did you notice what I did there?... no?... never mind) in no time. The tart was in the fridge and the guests were none the wiser of the blip.

Back to the tart. Due to the cream (and no lacto free cream in stock - sob sob) I didn't try any, although I can certainly vouch for the recipe. It was pretty simple, provided you allow time *scorns self* to rest and blind bake the pastry. If you've never made custard then this may be worth practicing. You will want to make sure you keep all the ingredients moving and mix the cold yolk-y paste with the heated milk gradually or you will end up scrambling the egg. Slow and steady wins this race. Once combined just keep that whisk moving til you feel the custard thicken and the colour change.

I'm sure that's clear as mud, but the good news is after the tart has cooled, then you top with the fruit and I there isn't a wrong way of doing that!

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