14 November 2013

Lemon & Cranberry Cupcakes and Espresso Cupcakes

I'd told myself that I'd have a night off baking to pack for holiday. It didn't work out. I shoved everything in a suitcase and jumped up when Rachel pointed out that we would need some yummy food for our flight. Requests were Lemon or Mocha and I'd say I pretty much managed to cover the cravings with these two.

I didn't fancy trying to transport large cupcakes with towering frosting so I opted for drizzle icing for the lemon and flood icing for the Espesso. I wish I could tell you a precise recipe to make lemon drizzle but in all honesty it doesn't to be precise. It's simple. Poke the cakes when still warm. Juice the lemon. Add icing sugar until it thickens. How thick you want it depends on how much of a crust you want on your little cakes and how transparent you like it. I like to pour my drizzle down the holes and wait for it to soak through. (Please pardon the gross innuendo)

To make the 'flood icing' I just used so leftover vanilla frosting and mixed in a very strong espresso until I got the desired consistancy. I couldn't tell you even ratios, but I can't tell you it was mighty good and make a good change. (I know am I not nice?)

Well I'm please to say that two cupcakes made it all the way to Barbados and talking of Barbaos, if you haven't been you must go. The country itself is beautiful and the people are fab fab FAB. They're friendly, genuine and warm. I am counting down the sleeps til I can go again.

The catamaran (with El Tigre) was brilliant. For a few years I was traumatised by the sea after a few bad experiences. The water in Barbados is crystal clear and calm enough that I willingly went snorkeling. Boy am I glad I did - just look at the turtles...

The food at Soco Hotel was brilliant and I even snuck a picture home for you gape at (it's the most devine apple pie you will ever lay your eyes on). I just want you to imagine eating one of these with the sun on your skin and a Rum Punch in hand. BLISS.

Endless rum. Enough said.

We were lucky enough to see some rescued turtles let in to the sea at dusk. It was magical - a moment I will never forget.

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