28 November 2013

Current Crumble Bars

I remember taking these in to work and trying desperately hard to avoid saying their name. It's just that "currents" are not that sexy. I mean quite honestly I'd never really heard of them or eaten them. Raisins, yes. Sultanas, at a push. Currents? Nope. I honestly just wanted to stick to what I knew and replace them with raisins, but that really isn't what this challenge was about, so I bought the currents and set to work.

When it comes to pastry, I was always taught to rub the butter in to the floury mixture like you're 'rubbing money'. I have never in my life rubbed money in such a way, but somehow the description does make sense. Any better suggestions for describing it?

Do get 'proper' cooking apples. It really does make a difference, even if it means an extra trip to the shop.

Crumble mixture is almost as good as cookie dough I'll have you know.

Isn't the nutmeg so pretty? I have no idea how old our nutmeg is, but I think this may be only the second time I've used it, so I guess it isn't going anywhere fast.

...And as if I couldn't be more irritating, I don't have a picture of the baked result. I must say though that these are forgettable. There are better 'bars' to bake and better apple recipes to try. NEXT.

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