17 November 2013

Boogie Baking Bonanza: PART II Chocolate and Chestnut Fridge Cake

For Part I please see here...

My goodness did we trawl round Tesco to find cooked chestnuts. We looked them up before we went and found that they were sold at both Tesco and Waitrose. I reckoned by their categorisation online that I needed to look either the nuts section, the vegetarian section, world foods, lentils and pulses or tinned vegetables. They were not in ANY of these places. They were in fact in the stuffings and sauces section. I can almost understand why they are here, but I really didn't appreciate the wander round the superstore. We had actually almost given up, but finally got an employee to look them up on the system and he lead us right to the ailse.

Before we even get to the matter of using Chestnuts, this is one strange recipe as although it's a fridge bar, it doesn't include any melted chocolate to keep it all together. I made the recipe just as directed, but it just didn't seem like there was enough chocolatey mixture to hold the biscuit, chestnuts and dried fruit together. I thought it would crumble in my hand and the whole thing just looked unappertising. So, led by instinct, I melted 300g of chocolate and spread this on top to give it a hard layer. This seemed to do the trick.

My brother took them in to his uni and reports back were that..."Very good. All were nice." Well there is a reason he isn't studying English Literature.

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