19 November 2013

Boogie Baking Bonanza: PART 2 III Blueberry Crumble Loaf

In case you haven't already gathered from the title of these posts, there was an awful lot of dancing going on. I've always thought that kitchens + dancing = perfect combo, but that may just be because for as long as I can remember we've always had a huge mirror in the kitchen. When I used to do ballet I would always arabesque and peer at my reflection. The hall I learnt to dance in didn't have any mirrors which disappointed me greatly. And I do believe it's true that at all parties, everyone always ends up in the kitchen and this is why I believe it is a perfect combination.

Although you can use frozen or fresh blueberries for this recipe, I opted for fresh. Before we started baking, we had to hit the shop and it was as easy to buy fresh as it was to travel the f-f-freezing section. It's worth knowing that you can use frozen though, waste not want not an' all that.

The best thing by far about cooking with blueberries is that they always look so beautiful hidden in a cake. Their purple blue colour is so distinctive. I read a great article about blueberries the other day, which I was I'd saved somewhere. I was surprised to find out that lots of blueberries are still picked by hand and the biggest producer is the USA, which explains their thing for blueberry muffins, blueberry pies and such like.

The cake was good and I would make it again, but as it has no frosting there will be a tendency for it to run dry. Consequently I recommend it is eaten when warm (a real task, I know). Another thing I've picked up on is to turn your oven temperature down and cook the cake for longer meaning that the cake doesn't develop too much of a crust. I still stand by the trusty Lemon Drizzle Cake as the scrummiest loaf on the block though.

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