27 November 2013

Apple Crumble Cupcakes

Never assume...
I assumed that these cupcakes would be an easy bake for a lazy Sunday. I can tell you that the latter half is true, this is indeed a good recipe for a lazy Sunday, provided you aren't feeling lazy and don't expect an easy ride. You know you're in trouble when The Hummingbird Bakery itself writes 'for the experienced baker to enjoy'.
To cut the long story short (and you'll be glad that I did) The cupcakes are made in the stages below.

1. Cook apple in brown sugar and butter til soft.

2. Simple vanilla cupcakes. Apple plopped in the middle of the cupcakes.

3. Make a custard. Cool.

Now I think I attempted custard once before with Lucy for the Banoffee Cupcakes and it didn't go all too well. It wasn't the 'real' yellow custard and it was all sloppy and had little flecks in it.... BLEUGH. This time with a lot of back-seat baking (I did ask for it) 'I' nailed that custard! And again when I made the Raspberry and Peach Tart.

4. Whip cream. Fold with custard

5. Make crumble and bake

There was some leftover crumble so I necked that back for breakfast the next morning. Would've gone great with yoghurt or cereal if it had lasted that long.

6. Top cake with custard and then crumble.

I don't really see a way of topping with custard neatly, but I guess that's the beauty of homebaking. Comes with the territory.

The recipe just never seemed to end. 

I enjoyed my cupcake pre-custard topping because of the cream needed for the custard topping.  In all fairness the tangy apple, light sponge and crumble is a top combo.

You'll have to humour my dad here, but he helpfully separated the eggs for me. Yeah I know. Dad jokes...

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