29 October 2013

Macaroonial Confession - Sainsbury's Raspberry Macaroon Kit

Each time I go in to a supermarket I do a little swoop of the baking section. I find that even between branches the selection can vary. You might think that the bigger the store, the better the selection, but I've often found this to be incorrect.

I keep my eyes peeled for unusual sprinkles, cases, and moulds. Some of my favourite moulds were bought in Lidl. Once I bought some reduced cake sprinkles when I was stocking up on more wine during a house party, slightly merry from pre-drinks. 
I was going about my normal scan and noticed that Sainsbury's do a Macaroon kit. I couldn't resist. It had to be done. Some excellent bakers that I know struggle with Macaroons and I was seriosly sceptible that a simple kit could make me beautiful macaroons, worthy of GBBO (Great British Bake Off - the acronym is just so fabulous it must be used at every occassion... can you just imagive Dave-o the builder shouting Oi...GBBO?).

I was so very pleasantly surprised when the final result was some plump pink heart-ish shaped macaroons.

  1. First you need to whisk the egg white in to stiff peaks. I broke the Kenwood (the second this year) and had to whip out the electric hand whisk, which I actually think did a better job.
  2. Next fold in the macaroon mixture from the kit. I did this a bit at a time so it was evenly spread through the stiff egg white. I did not want to just dump the powder on top expel any air in the egg.
  3. The kit provides you with a paper piping bag. It's not the best. I put my own nib in, but next time I will definitely use either a plastic dispoable bag or the one that came with my piping kit. Watch out as the macaroon mixture comes out quickly.

Anyway... I'm not here to give you a long a detailed review of Sainsbury's Raspberry Macaroon Kit. All you need to know is the kit does the job ...and pretty well at that! Use your baking common sense (don't have any?...  read the instructions carefully and then you can blame them, swearing profusely at them when it goes wrong) and you'll be fine.

As is the case with the Watson household, we had some visitors dropping in - my godfamily. I was conscious that I had [typically] just cut the bag so I had to pipe macaroon hearts and talk at the same tip. 

I wouldn't recommend piping hearts - it was hard to get them the same size, let alone a nice neat heart shape rather than a strawberry, or an organ. So there I was catching up on months of chat whilst licking my mixing bowl and nervously ducking down to check the oven.

They turned out just fine and although very sweet, I will defintely use this shortcut again until I am psyched up and ready to try making them from scratch. You'll see these babies popping up very soon! A mix worth the £2. Stress avoided and beautiful pink macaroons. Voila.

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