15 October 2013

Chocolate and Hazelnut Cheesecake

It's that age-old saying that 'there are never enough hours in the day' that really sums up what this year has been about. It's about multi-tasking, squeezing things in, forfeiting sleep and looking for every opportunity to be a feeder. I don't mean to be sinister, but really there are only so many 'I'm just tasting it' moments that one can get away with.

Around comes October and I've yet to conquer the cheesecake. So far all of my baked cheesecakes have either had patio slabs for bases or the filling has fallen apart. They just haven't gone well. I'm hoping that after the Grasshopper Pie was such a success that my pie skills will hop over to my cheesecake skills and I will become an expert just by positive thinking.

I cut the recipe by a third so it fit in my silicon butterfly case. I know cheesecakes are normally done in metal tins, but my butterfly was just the right size for 3 people. I'd hoped that it would also mean I could get the cheesecake out by bending the case and it would remain in one pretty piece.

Now down to the actual recipe. It seems relatively straightforward - a case of working in layers.
       Roasted hazelnuts.
   Chocolate cheesecake.
 Caramel cheesecake.
Biscuit base.

Once your base is in the fridge you mix the cream cheese and sugar and remove a third to mix with dark melted chocolate. The rest (two thirds of the mixture) gets mixed with caramel.

...Wait a minute. I hope you measured that third of cheesecake mixture for the chocolate, or at least overestimated it? The idea is there is a layer of caramel cheesecake and a layer of chocolate cheesecake. It turns out that I'm not very good at estimating a third cheesecake mixture and my chocolate mixture is artfully placed in swirled blobs on top of my cheesecake, rather than a distinct layer. On balance the top will be covered anyway, but you certainly won't see a layer of chocolate in my final cheesecake. Tragic.

To roast the hazelnuts STAND OVER THEM. They will burn very easily.

The general consensus was that the Hazelnuts just weren't necessary and a nice immeasurable layer of carmel is preferable.

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