18 September 2013

Fizzy Orange Cupcakes

Blink and you would miss this recipe. It's almost a footnote, hidden within the lemonade cupcakes. It's not worth glazing over though, as if you've bought the Sodastream taster pack of 12 these are little more effort than the vanilla cupcakes.

They exactly mirror the lemonade cupcakes and are simple cupcakes that would please pretty much any crowd. They probably don't fit within the stereotypical group of cakes that I bake only when it is raining, grey and blustery outside, because they're summary (I know... a summery cake?) As a friend said to me the other day "I like to wear a something a bit bright in the winter because it cheers me up"... baking something so light and unpretentious just seems so much more appealing when the sun has taken a sabbatical.

I've been having great fun piping my icing. I find myself wanting to make cupcakes purely to decorate them. Is that sad?...*

*This is definitely a rhetorical question. I am not encouraging trolling.

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