14 September 2013

Courgette, Walnut and Cinnamon Cake

Since I killed my Kenwood a few weeks back making Mocha Cupcakes, I really have been in a state of mourning. The sound of my Mum's Kenwood just isn't the same - it's a groan, an artificial sound. How, you may ask, does this possibly make a difference? Just as people name their cars and have their favourite books that they read over and over, I had my Kenwood and I just became rather attached. My Mum said she knew somewhere who would be able to repair it, but unfortunately they said it's just too difficult to get hold of parts. How very sad. Looking on the bright side, I now have the first item for my Christmas wishlist.

I needed to come back with a bang, didn't I?

...And what has more impact than Hummingbird's triple tier cakes?

After a long journey East on the M4 through the grey and drizzle I was happy to get in the warm and relax with a friend. Said friend is also an avid baker (and blogs here) and conveniently owns the Hummingbird Cake Days book. Let the spontaneous baking commence.

Being the Chaus, we had all but one of the ingredients to make the Courgette, Walnut and Cinnamon Cake and the recipe came with Grace's stamp of approval. And being the Chaus, the courgette was homegrown ...and on the window sill was some freshly cut flowers from the garden. Idyllic.

We made quite the team and we weighed, poured, sifted (on Grace's insistence) and grated in no time.

Grace has an esse and I have to say I was a little skeptical. They (the powers who be) always say that baking is such a science, but people bake in argas and the like all the time - it's not always about the specific temperature, but gut feeling and a good skewer. 

 After a good while of waiting while the cake chilled, it was time to assemble.

Uh ohh. We removed this and sliced the middle layer flat. 

I must say the layer cakes always seem to tip.

The icing seems too sloppy and I end up poking a skewer in it and chilling it. (I admit the frosting could have done with some smoothing out)

Both girls ended the evening with half a cake each, and a very full tum.

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