6 August 2013

S'moreanne Brownies - BONUS BAKE from Home Sweet Home

There are some times in life when you're baking just because you want to bake. Then there are the times where you bake because you just want the cake to eat at the end. We might bake to impress others or as an act of kindness. We may bake being we want to remember a smell, a time of our lives or a person. There are many reasons why we may bake, but quite honestly with this ongoing challenge sometimes I bake just because I think I can squeeze it in to my evening. People ask if this kills baking for me - honestly it just makes me wish there were more hours, more ingredients and more mouths to feed!

This particular bake was fuelled by three things:
1. I got given the new Hummingbird book and wanted to try out a recipe.
2. A friend left work last week and her final request was Brownies.
3. I felt like shit and I like the familiarity of the sounds and the smells - it's a homey feeling.

So here they are. Great idea but use Nigella's chocolate brownie recipe as theirs just isn't rich enough to feel adequately naughty! 

I almost forgot to tell you. In order to cut through the gooey marshmallow topping without dragging the whole top layer you need to boil the kettle and dip your knife in hot water between each cut. The same trick can be used with stiff icing you need to smooth out.

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