6 August 2013

Mixed Nut Slice

As you may know from other posts, a few good friends left work last week. One of them gave my four areas to bake before they left - chocolate, nutty, carrot and caramel. Well I managed three out of the four (sorry carrot) - I'd say I must be on Father's Christmas's nice list surely? This recipe had the 'nutty' request well and truely covered. 
I'm starting to recognise the recipes that I'm going to like. I knew this would be a good one as it's the same sort of idea as the Cranberry Magic Bars with a crumbly base and lots of goodness on top.

This is a great staple to include in your hand-me-down recipe book. What I mean by this is a little notebook with sections to add in all your favourite recipes from family, friends, newspapers scraps or other easily losable sources. My Mum wrote one for my brother when he moved out and it brought the whole family to tears. 

I now have my own HMD recipe book with lots of different sections.* I want to write down lots of recipes that can be altered to what you have in your cupboards or what you can get from the corner shop at 10pm on a Sunday evening. I'll also be adding lots of recipes for one, as I think that good recipes for one are like gold dust! 

Hopefully Hummingbird won't mind if I share the base recipe and the 'goo' recipe so everyone can create their very own Mixed Nut Slice.

 120g Butter
40g Icing Sugar
150g Flour

Rub these together like counting money or separating bags.

Eventually they will start to come together in to a dough.

Squidge the dough in to a tray of your choice or shape on a tray. You might want to create a 'lip' round the edge to catch the goo or it will end in disaster (see this perfectly demonstrated below).

200g Selection of nuts (eg. walnuts, peacans, hazlenuts, almonds)

Chop your nuts and toast where you want to - for nuts like almonds.

If you don't have a chopper like below or a blender (only pulse a couple of times) then just bash in a bag with a rolling pin or chop with a knife.

50g Butter
50g Golden Syrup
110g Light Brown Sugar
2 eggs

Melt all the goo ingredients together except the eggs.

Let the melted mixture cool slighty, then beat in the eggs.

Now just put the nuts on the base.

Pour on your goo (woops - that's where that 'lip' comes in - see above)

Not ideal...

Fear not, it trimmed up nicely though.

It was a HIT! 'Like a sweet nutty pizza' one guy said as him and another sampled it at 9.10am on a Tuesday morning.

*To find your own hand-me-down recipe book to add to check out paperchase or beautiful examples on Etsy.
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