4 August 2013

Summer Fruits Cheesecake

I have been on a roll this week with a few more ticks on the metaphorical list. There was a big who-ha as a couple of close colleagues enjoyed their last week with an array of Beanie's Bakes.

I kept momentum and baked the mixed berry cheesecake in preparation for my third BBQ of the weekend. Now me and cheesecakes just don't seem to be very well aligned. They just don't rock my boat (cheese... and sugar?) and I'm absolutely rubbish at making them. They never seem to set properly and the bottom is always a big soggy. My cheesecakes don't entice me in to give them a shot and even worse, I have to watch everyone else force themselves to shut their eyes, take a bite and make appropriately timed 'mmmm' noises.

The shame...

Aparently this cheesecake tasted great but it looked a bit like a cheesecake pudding as you had to scoop rather than slice it.

To say I'm disappointed in myself would be an understatement. The very same day I had another failure - my trail race. Seven months after I started this blog I will share with you another hobby of mine - running. On this particular occasion I was completing the Harting trail 10 (described as slightly undulating, in reality it was 10 really very hilly and gravely miles) and managed to take a tumble just past halfway point, at the sunniest time on the biggest hill. Nice. In pain and low in confidence I half walked and half ran to the finish. As you can see - not my most successful day and I was happy to get back from my godfamily's house in London and get in to bed before 10.

I think I may try and make another cheesecake this weekend to try and work out what exactly I did so wrong. Possibilities:
• You really do need full fat cream cheese not half fat (the water content may be too high?)
• Granulated sugar doesn't work in place of caster sugar (don't look at me like that - I bought a 5k bag of granulated rather than caster sugar... It's working out fine for cakes)
• Something to do with my oven and the temperature it was baked at.
• Water got in to the cheesecake or there was too much steam in the oven giving it a soggy bottom and a watery filling.

Any suggestions?!?

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