6 August 2013

Banoffee Cupcakes - BONUS BAKE from Carnation

I had some leftover carmel in the fridge so I went back to Carnation to see what they would recommend for such a situation. I settled on the Banoffee Cupcakes and half the quantities as I was doing this for fun and it gave me a nice small amount for the household to work through. There was no difficulty halving the recipe which I love. Like I've said before - I'm keeping my eyes peeled for recipes that can be made in small batches for when I end up alone (it's inevitable) and cooking and baking for one.

So once halved this recipe gives you six. You don't even need to mash the bananas like the recipe said - I just sliced and popped everything in to Kenwood. It's great as you can just pop you bowl on the scales, weigh all of it up and then mix - no extra bowls to wash!

Once this has all mixed, spoon in half the mixture, add a dollop of caramel then cover it up with the rest of the mixture.

I didn't weigh the caramel, so my caramel seeped through when cooking, but I love that. If I didn't have leftover caramel frosting then I would have just left them like that. As it was I had icing going spare so frosted them as normal then gave them a slick layer of caramel. Stunning are they not? Much more successful than when I tried the Hummingbird recipe (never made it to the blog) I must say.

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