21 July 2013

Mystery Cupcakes

I have teased my work colleagues with this bake with talks of a 'secret ingredient'. I decided not to tell them what flavour they are because they would DEFINITELY be put off. It's strange how different this bunch of work colleagues are to the last bunch - what they like the last lot wouldn't. The key is in the perceived health of the bake. So when I made chewy monkey bars with no sugar (just honey, nuts, cereal, marshmallows and all sorts of equally questionable 'healthy foods') they absolutely lapped them up. (See this post) but when offered something that is sugary and artificial, they keep their willpower going and their diets in tact. 

Anyway... So these are the infamous Cola Cupcakes (not that they will know this when they try them). I say infamous because I remember looking at these and another cupcake (still to come and easy to guess... Think along the soft beverage line of thought) and groaning at the thought of sourcing the key ingredient - cola syrup. 

I have searched several time since the challenge began and promptly given up as the only stuff I could find was soda stream and the bottles of syrup were so big that it seemed such a waste for a recipe that I wasn't 100% or even 70% certain I would repeat. And then I found it - the soda stream taster pack. I bought mine from John Lewis and it comes in a pack of 12 with loads of different flavours and the exact right amount (3tbsp) for the recipe. I used a 'proper' tablespoon measure to make sure I had exactly 1tbsp in the sponge and 2tbsp for the icing. Plus I can now try making all the other flavours too.

So having planted the seed, there was no way I could get out of making them for the very next day. The evening came and went and suddenly I'd overslept. One hour. One hour I had to make, bake, cool and ice the cupcakes as well as get myself looking presentable (for an important meeting) and get in work on time. I DID IT!! I'm sure there are people who can trump it time wise, but I made the sponge in less than 10 minutes and iced the cooled cupcakes in less than 10 minutes. Just shows you how simple some (but by no means all) hummingbird recipes are.

The icing is a beige colour - not the most appetising so I added some little star sprinkles and baby pink cases.

Now for the ultimate taste test!

Wrong guesses:
-Syrups: treacle, maple, golden
-Creative/Ridiculous: A mouse, Scotch Egg

Maybe I should get them guesses the flavours more often!
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