21 July 2013

Cranberry Magic Bars

Today is the first time that I've actually brought myself to bake - it's been so so hot! We're now in to our third week of beautiful sunshine and soaring temperatures and you won't find me complaining.

Today the house is full again after everyone else returned from the Scottish Highlands where they looked at lambs and stared out at the loch contemplating life. All very picturesque. More importantly for me it meant a big welcome home food shop, which I took full advantage of, adding chocolate, dried fruits, flours, sugars, nuts... Any ingredient I could think of for the remaining challenge ahead.

I settled on baking Cranberry Magic Bars, as the thought of any icing based on butter just seemed a little adventurous. Melting butter still presented a bit of an issue though. When you are making your sweet base you have to rub the flour, butter and icing sugar to create breadcrumbs, but as the butter melted quickly you had to touch it as little as possible and just get it in the tin before it all stuck to your fingers. This is NOT one for butter at room temperature.

Baking in a bikini is the dream, as you can just about see from this photo. 

This is another one of the hummingbird recipes without a photo, so hopefully my photo is an adequate representation of these 'magical' bars. It's got a great crunchy base and a sweet combo on top which is both crunchy and colourful. 

The recipe stipulates that you need unsweetened condensed milk, but I use enough of my time tracking down other obscure ingredients to worry about whether the condensed milk is really bad for you or really really bad for you. The sweetness is not overpowering, so I say stick with a tin of  Carnation as this is easy to get hold of. This recipe does give you some leftover condensed milk, but if you head to Carnation's website here you can see what you could do with the leftovers. A lot of the recipes seem very simple and not all of them require the whole tin. Waste not, want not. I will keep you posted about what recipe I chose.

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