25 July 2013

Cont. BONUS BAKE Chocolate Chip Cookies

Well here you have them. Keeping the tub in the fridge for a day kept the dough really firm - perfect for rolling in to balls and shaping... Although this is not something I choose to do myself, as quite frankly it doesn't bother me too much if my cookies look like the pieces of a jigsaw or perfect circular discs. Unlike some cookie recipes these cookies don't spread as I had hoped, so if you do lean towards the uniformity school of thought you will actually have to put them in the oven as you want them to come out like. A good way around this would be to roll the dough then slice discs off.

The dough went through extensive testing before it was baked and did not disappoint. The first thing that popped in to my mind was that it tasted very like the holy grail of ice cream flavours - Ben and Jerry's Cookie Dough. It was perfect to spoon a bit off and pop straight into one's mouth.
The dough is very sweet, so using a dark chocolate helped to balance this out. The dough may be just a tad too sweet for anyone who has more mature taste buds - the types that appreciate a homemade chutney and a vintage wine - but then again I hardly think they are your target audience for this bake.
All in all the cookie recipe is functional and magical uncooked, but when cooked it is just a little bland and not anywhere near chewy enough for my liking. That said, It is a great back-up recipe and also quite kid-friendly.

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