3 July 2013

Chocolate Fondant Cupcakes and Raspberry Trifle Cupcakes for a big 0 birthday

Family friends had asked if I would mind doing some cupcakes for their birthday celebration... As if I would mind?

The requirements were cupcakes over a big cake as they're less mess (arguable) and there needed to be enough for 50.
Going by the crowd-pleasing formula (see this post) and discussions with mum, we decided on the two recipes above. I decided to do one of the dwindling chocolate recipes and the raspberry truffle cupcakes seemed like a showstopper and definitely posh enough. 

Being young *flicks hair* I didn't exactly factor my catering into my weekend plans very well. On Friday I got some good news so Mum took me out for dinner, as all good Mum's do, although in payment I was the designated driver and therefore I had a small glass of white and she got herself a large glass of red. Slowly the realisation that I was out all of the next day (and therefore no time to bake) crept in - we had 50 cakes to make(!!!).

This wouldn't normally be a challenge, although with two of us in the kitchen - a mother and daughter at that - it was crowded. This was not helped by my mother's low tolerance to alcohol. Now I don't want to paint her as an irresponsible drunk smashing things around the kitchen - quite the opposite. She does not drink very much and so even after one glass I could see the ingredients being shared with the work tops. Add to this her dismissal of recipes (she had to dig egg yolks out of the milk in her haste) and you have one very controlling Beanie and a reasonably stressful experience.

So we laboured next to each other getting the cakes in, frosting made and cakes cones cut out and cupcakes ready to be filled. This was when Mum decided that the icing contained uncooked egg and cream and therefore the cakes would have to be kept in the fridge... And in case you don't know putting cakes in the fridge often makes them go stale. So I was faced with a dilemma - be a control freak, finish the cakes and then risk keeping them in the fridge and them tasting less than fabulous OR pass over to my mother and let her ice them the next day, while I enjoyed the beach. I went with the latter and I'd say she did a damn good job.

We could be classified as a dream team actually, as someone at the party would now like me to do cupcakes for their wedding! How amazing is that??

Raspberry Triffle Cupcakes

Chocolate Fondant Cupcakes

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