20 July 2013

BONUS - Microwave Brownie and Banana Ice Cream

This hot weather has called for a new approach. As there has only been one of me I've avoided the oven at all costs, as it just seems unnecessarily hot. I've always been a fan of a late night mug brownie/cake. It can be made in a hurry with genuine store cupboard ingredients (you should be ashamed if you don't stock at LEAST the following) and can be made as big or as small as you like.

On this occasion I needed something to take to my friends, who was throwing a girls evening to welcome one of the group back from New Zealand. Never one to miss an opportunity I experimented a little and turned mug brownie in to full blown indulgent chocolate brownie bonanza.

I layered white and dark chocolate chunks on the bottom of a glass dish (remember - NO METAL) then mixed the following ingredients together, poured on top and kept cookie until the top looked set but my fork still came out covered. The timing will all depend on the strength of your microwave, size of your brownie and how gooey you like it.

You can pick teaspoons (for a little treat) up to cups (to make a big brownie) but as long as you keep the same measure you could use anything you fancy.

4 parts flour
4 parts sugar
2 parts cocoa
2 parts oil (or butter would probably work - just harder to mix)
2 parts water
dash of baking power if you have it - only a pinch
pinch of salt if you wish

That's it!! Find the original recipe here. I must confess that I tried adding Nutella, but it did effect the results somewhat - the fat/sugar balance was all over the place. For a laugh read the comments under the recipe - THIS is what chocolate does to hormonal women! I'm glad we're the same the world over...

I served the last portion with banana ice-cream. Something I can only describe as a craze.

You freeze banana (slice before you freeze to make it easier to blend) before sticking it in the blender until completely smooth. From here you can add whatever you want - I always opt for a bulging spoon of nutella, but Rosie over at The Londoner recommends cocoa power and maple syrup, but we all know my love for Nutella....

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