8 July 2013

Apricot and Almond Cookies

Around came another Sunday and another last minute dash to ensure I don't disappoint the office by coming in empty handed. I'm scared that soon I'll run out of the recipes you can knock together with store cupboard ingredients. It always makes me laugh when I read recipes that use 'store cupboard essentials', because if you had all of these 'essential' items you would need a shipping container in your back garden. Anyhow I do keep almonds and dried apricots in my cupboard on occasion so I was all set for this one.

Given the weather the butter softened so quickly (and it was 10pm... Here's to heat waves) that I bypassed the shaping in to a ball stage and scooped dollops on with my tablespoon measure. I opted for the 'just golden' cookies that are supposedly more chewy and accidentally shoved the flaked almond in the mixture, rather than delicately sprinkled and positioned on top... I suppose you could say I was aiming for a hidden almond flavour?...

Technically from the Spring section, these cookies are quite light and don't rely on butter-based frosting which, given the weather, would melt and also be sickly. These are delicate flavours and I think work well with an ice-cold Bellini.

Feedback told me that perhaps a little more crunch would have been a minor improvement, although all in all I don't think that these can really be classified as the chewy. soft, dense delights that I know as cookies. Still yummy all the same.

To make them a little more interesting I used coffee stencils to dust a bit of icing sugar on top. I suppose it's marginally more interesting that just dusting them like normal. Really I was just trying to make up for my bad karma as a result of not reading the recipe properly. Still I think they're sweet.

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