7 June 2013

There is another me!

It's hardly surprising that someone else is doing the Cake Days Challenge really, is it? BUT how exciting is that?? Find them here.

Yes please note that I linked you straight to the page where she explains that she didn't complete her challenge, but she does love baking yadayadayaaaaa.... I zoned out, but now the competitive nature in me is very alert, making me even more determined to finish. ESPECIALLY since I'll be off traveling in January (yes it is all very exciting I only found out that I could today).

My new job has got me in to spreadsheets and data analysis (rubs square eyes) so I've done a spreadsheet of my very own. I have calculated how many recipes I need to do each week to complete the challenge by the end of the year. I have also calculated how much I have completed, what the conversion from bake to post is etc. I won't reveal top secret data, but know that I ain't going anywhere! First things first is to clear my backlog of posts and tell you all the new exciting element to my challenge...
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