2 June 2013

Sticky Toffee Cupcakes

It was a miracle I even managed to make these. With 19 minutes to get ready and bake before the girls came it was never going to happen, so I had to bake while they sat and gossiped. Oh the noise...

I had been out the night before so my Keywood was not welcomed. It's normal quirky clang just wasn't having the same effect comforting effect as normal. HOWEVER this made it imperative that the cupcakes actually tasted good. They did. I had three.

The chopping of the dates was mindless and methodical enough, but I advise you cut them as small as possible. And do not make the same mistake that I did of just pouring boiling water on them willy nilly. No, no, hummingbird actually give you an amount of water to pour on, so bakers beware!!

The rest was relatively simple and all went swimmingly. I was gifted with some beautiful muffin cases the other day so this recipe only went as far as 12 muffins (normally I would use cupcake cases). This may be part of the reason that by the end of the catch-up session, when the girls had gone home, there were only 4 left to photograph and for the family. Apologies that there are not more photos (we all know everyone only looks at the pictures anyway, so kudos if you're reading this).

Same old story. Did half the frosting quantities and still had some left over. *Insert rant about wasting frosting... Blah blah blah* (I don't even wanna type it again!). It was the caramel frosting, so like before I had a TON of caramel left in my fridge.. Not sure what I'll do with it! If anyone has a simple idea it would be appreciated - no doubt this will happen again and I don't like to waste food!

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