2 June 2013

Rose Cupcakes

I chose these cupcakes to make as a birthday gesture thinking that they would be a crowdpleaser. My general rule for crowpleasing cakes is...

'Normal'/Chocolate sponge + Generous Frosting + Colour - Nuts - Fruit - 'Bits' = CROWDPLEASER
12 Muffins Cases

The reason I say this is that you will always get the awkward person who does not like chocolate, the generous frosting is almost always 'too much and too sweet' but a big pile of frosting always LOOKS so appatising! The same goes for colour - add sprinkles or the right amount of lemon zest and people are putty in your hands. Nuts and fruit are normally a no-no, as is anything with 'bits' like crunchy bits or lumpy bits. And lastly muffins over cupcakes  because [when it comes to cakes] bigger is always better.

So these cakes seem to be a winner. Plain sponge, no bits or added extras and a lovely pink frosting. Rose is something I have never tried before and I now realise that it is an accquied taste... Nicki loves them, but I got no other comments. I assume no news is bad news?

I got given this stamp from 'santa' a few years back and stamped it in to some pink tinted fondant icing and cut it out with some scone cutters that must be at least 15 years old. If it isn't broke, why fix it?

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