2 June 2013

Orange Blossom Cupcakes

I have had my eye on this recipe for a while now, mostly because of how simple it is and the fact that it only contains one 'obscure' ingredient - the orange blossom water. However I managed to make it in to somewhat of a palava, as I seem to refuse to learn from previous mistakes.

The recipe is actually a variation on the Apple Blossom Cupcakes (not one to do things in half measures, I am including all variations in my challenge too) and really it is the simple Hummingbird signature recipe with the added ingredient. Figuring that it was a quarter of the price I went for orange essence rather than the real deal, so I cannot actually tell you whether my cupcakes are blossom-y at all - I suspect they're not. 

Before we know it the cake police will be after me for making such a shameful substitution for such a shameful reason. It turns out that the two are actually quite different as the extract turned out to be oil-based whereas I'm guessing the blossom water isn't. 

Additionally I ran out of caster sugar, but not one to be beaten I went to get some from the only place that was open - Tesco Express. Clearly this is not a rare mistake to make as they were completely sold out of caster sugar, so I just went for granulated sugar (I can hear those sirens) and you know what? Shock horror... the cakes turned out just fine. They are slightly speckled, but look rather like a cake to me.

I also disregarded the recommend butter frosting and opted for what I always call 'normal' icing or 'runny' icing i.e. just icing sugar and water. I intended to do this orange, but ran out of red, so instead they are yolk yellow/sunshine yellow/primary yellow/the colour every avoids wearing because it suits no-one. I'm sure some poor sod at work will reassure me that it isn't at all confusing for the tastebuds to eat a yellow cake that takes like orange and not lemon and I will fully appreciate that. The yellow is broken up by some white fondant icing flowers, which are making ALL the difference.

Regardless of these things the cakes seem to have worked just fine. Some business man somewhere is hating on me for giving away the big secret that, quite often it won't matter if you use x sugar or y extract, because cupcakes will all give you a sugar rush (provided you don't leave the sugar out - but that would be stupid now, wouldn't it?) and they will all momentarily take you to a happy place of rainbows and butterflies and result in a foodgasm. On that note that is my cue to abandon ship for tonight.

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