2 June 2013

Orange, Almond and Yoghurt Loaf

I feel very naughty having a backlog of posts to share with you, like they're my little secret, but I am going to try make this a very quick post; mostly because the cake is so simple there isn't much to say. It pretty much tastes as you'd expect - light, orangey and a crunch from the almonds on top.

It really does need GROUND almonds. Funnily enough when I decided to make this late on a Sunday all I could get hold of was whole almonds which I then blitzed. (Another one of Nicki's grand ideas) Unfortunately you could taste the little bits of almonds and not in a crunchy way, in a 'why is it a little bit grainy?' way.

This challenge is getting costly and fattening so I tried using the below instead of butter. From the packaging you make your own judgements. You know what it tasted absolutely fine!

The orange zest is such a pretty colour. Prettyyyy

See what I mean? Not quite smooth enough really.

I don't want any of you to feel cheated when I show you that the amount of yoghurt you put in to this cake really isn't much more than a tablespoon. To give Hummingbird their due I did think the cake had a slight tang. We'll let them off.

Don't bother measuring out 10g of almonds to sprinkle on top. I mean really?... Just sprinkle away!

Beautiful colour. Beautiful height. (Sounds like some politically incorrect chat up line)

This is a fork job. Just to be posh. In practical terms you could easily slice and eat right away with your mits.

And to make it more cheeky/less healthy/more indulgent I melted some easter egg on top. YUP. Chocolate orange.

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