9 June 2013

Mixed Berry Muffins BONUS BAKE

The Mixed Berry Muffins are another one of Hummingbird's shamelessly simple recipes. I used a combination of raspberries and blueberries. Having tried shop-bought blueberry muffins on only one or two occassions (I prefer my sugar with chocolate) I can tell you that these are a whole different kettle of fish. The sponge is more moist that any shop-bought version (as is the beauty of Hummingbird recipes) and when you get to the fruity bits the cake is positively juicy. Putting in whole berries means you get a powerful fruit hit.

They all went a little 'skewiff' and I'm guessing this is something to do with the fruit, but the science of baking is not my gig, so that is merely a guess.

My grandma particularly enjoyed them and they were the perfect accompaniment to a mug of coffee or a mid-morning snackette. Pure and simple.

Bite. By. Bite.


Although not strictly (not even a little bit) a hummingbird recipe I thought I might share with you this ingenious idea from Sainsburys - a Hot Cross Bun Treacle Tart. Treacle tart is my favourite pudding and this Easter version was such a fantastic idea. The recipe quantities were off, so not worth sharing on here, but use your normal treacle tart recipe and replace the breadcrumbs with Hot Cross Bun breadcrumbs. Add a tsp of ground cinnamon and ground ginger and away you go. I love this ceramic tart pan that my mum has had for decades. The colours are beautiful and it makes a nice change from the dowdy brown of my cake pans.

As part of the long weekend all my family came down from Scotland and out from London and we went to the new Four Seasons in Hampshire. It was beautiful and the afternoon tea was something to aspire to. I am considering a little afternoon tea this summer in aid of Step-by-Step. Hmmm we'll see, eh?

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