7 June 2013

Carrot and Ginger Cake

It was a last minute decision to make this one. It was the six nations rugby and I identified 6 potential stomachs to fill, so off I went to find a recipe.

Any cake which involves the inclusion of a vegetable is going to be labour intensive, unless you have a fancy machine that does it for you. I may have a Kenwood, a crepe maker, waffle maker, hand blender, a chopper and a food processor, but when it comes to grating it's just me and elbow grease...

...Four hundred and fifty grams of finely grated carrot and a bout of cramp later, I could finally get on with the baking part. This is most defineity a weekend recipe, or one where you have an unwanted kitchen 'helper' who you want to keep busy - the in-laws or other such people who 'spoil the broth' (as the saying goes).

Hummingbird normally suggest four layers to their big cakes, but I find that a little excessive and only have three tins, so that is how I settle the matter. For the pear and honey layer cake the layers just seemed overpowered and lost in frosting and I came across no issue with changing the receipe from four to three layers when making this cake, so did the same here.

I used leftover cream cheese frosting, adding the orange zest and came across no issues making the cake! No ban maries, soft ball sugar or other complications to report.

Feedback was all positive. Perhaps a little too gingery for some, but enjoyed by all! Maybe I'm starting to get the hang of it?

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