31 May 2013

Walnut and Honey Loaf

In May I went Interrailing for 2 weeks round Italy and it was somewhat of a black hole, what with the planning, panicking then recovering BUT as you can see I am well and truly back - new and improved (unfortunately with 25% extra free!) with another recipe - walnut and honey loaf.

Work had been nagging at me that I hadn't made any cupcakes in a while (a week) so this was a matter of peer pressure, but I'm sure I'll thank them for it in the end when I can tick another off the ever-daunting list.

This is an simple recipe and I managed to put it together, without a sous chef or an extra pair of hands, in 20 minutes, although it did take an hour to cook (as big cakes often do).

There were two 'pain points' in the task. The first was that the effort required to open a tub of yoghurt, hardly seemed worth it for what was less than a soup spoon dollop of it. This is a question I have been know to ponder - why do no recipes call for a soup spoon of anything? I would have said that its because you don't get a regular sized soup spoon but you don't really get a regular teaspoon or tablespoon any more. Maybe they feel that these two are the only necessary increments? But then again the likes of Betterware and Lakeland forever seem to be shoving baking gadgets at anyone who will take them (I am one of them). Answers welcome.

The second 'pain point' as I am calling them is entirely my mums fault. We had a packet of chopped walnut in the cupboard (something I knew when I decided what to brave baking at 6 in the morning on a Friday) but due to Sod's law, someone had decided to put them in our box of nuts for nibbling. So I had to dig out all 60g of walnut pieces from the selection. And as it was so early I had the morning jitters and proceeded to chuck the walnuts at the machine rather than in the bowl as desired. Easily sorted, but still a blip that just wouldn't happen if my life where a movie... Or I was Delia. I cannot imagine Delia baking in such a lazy, haphazard, ungrateful manner.

I took a lovely picture of how little yoghurt it was. I don't have a picture of the main dodar as I can't get the lid off the tin now it's in and I'm scared of chucking the precious cake all over the bus!

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