3 March 2013

Pecan Pie + BONUS BAKE Current Tarts

Well, well, well... I should have know that pastry was never going to be straightforward, though I didn't expect to be faced with COMPLETELY the wrong type of tin.

Prick the base with a fork.

Oh Nicki. Always Mum's fault. I was all set to make a cheesecake with the caramel I had leftover from the Sticky Toffee Cupcakes (more to follow on these) and then as we are in the car on the way to the supermarket, list in hand, Nicki decides she no longer wants a cold pudding for our guests. The only thing I could think of on the spot was the Pecan Pie (I'd looked at making it with Megan). Like some sort of Saturday night show/Supermarket Sweep I managed to remember or guess all the ingredients required. I may have ended up with an extra packet of pecans, but there's not too much damage done, seeing as there are quite a few recipes that require pecans. What I didn't count on was that some genius had decided to throw out the tart/pie tin, so all that I had left was a high-topped cake tin. A bad workman always blames his tools I know... but I do think that in this occasion, the correct tin would have resulted in a more even pastry case.

Let's just say I wouldn't even consider putting my bake to the judges, should this be The Great British Bake Off (and less face it there have been some disasters on there). Luckily it's not The Great British Bake Off and the guests oblidgingly putting in 'umm's and 'ahh's where appropriate until I was convinced that they were actually enjoying the pie.

It wasn't just the pastry itself that seemed to go wrong. There seemed to be too much filling for the pastry and it started to leak/overflow in the oven and then out on to the plate after.

I have only recently started to 'get' nuts. For years I avoided them completely and now I can't get enough. The 'crunch' that the pecans give to this pie just simply could not be recreated in the same way. The sooner people (including many of my friends) realise that nuts are fantastic, the better.

Chopping the pecans takes time, so be patient.
I always worry about using dark chocolate. In the past I would not only have avoided nuts, but also dark chocolate. I deemed it not necessary and preferred the high sugar, milk chocolate option. If I doing things with whole chunks of chocolate in I still think I would prefer to opt for the milk version. In the Pecan Pie recipe, you would definitely NOT want to use milk chocolate, as the recipe is certainly sweet enough and the dark chocolate balances this out making it richer and less sickly.
Make sure it is dark chocolate 
The 3 dry ingredients at the ready.
And the other ingredients ready to melt

I want to repeat this recipe again and again. And again. 
Apologies for the poor shot here - delegation at its worst.
Serve it warm with your favourite ice cream. (Hello Ben... Hello Jerry...)
Despite the facial expression they seemed to chow down on enough pie!...
Bonus Bake - Current Tarts

For my current tarts I literally just cut circles out of the pastry I made for the pie, gently pushed these in to a mini cupcake tin and added a blob of current jam. You could use any jam. I prefer a smooth jam, especially when the tarts are small like this. Otherwise it may end up with a big lump of strawberry on a piece of pastry... But maybe that's what you like?! 

My jam always bubbles over. It doesn't matter just make sure you remove the tarts as soon as they are out of the oven or else they will stick to the pan! 

I must confess that like 'bonuses' like these jam tarts never normally make it past warm, so I couldn't tell you the best way to eat them, only the way I do - within minutes of cooking and very quickly!

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