10 March 2013

Pea, Ham and Feta Cheese Muffins

I miss baking. 

I was sincerely hoping that this recipe would fill the missing spot in my life (sighs, raising hand to forehead).

Actually there was no 'missing spot' when I made these cupcakes, as I managed to squeeze them in after work on a Thursday night, amongst making good luck cookies for a friend and packing for a weekend in Newcastle and applying for a new job (which I got - I was obviously inspired). There was no time to fill.
The very excitement that caused the forgetfulness.

I have to say I was disappointed. Not because the flavours do not work well together. They do, but these muffins are not the light and fluffy Hummingbird cake signature. Perhaps the fact they are called 'muffins' is supposed to indicate they are different. I also ignored the recipe and was a bit over zealous, adding too much feta. I might guess that a pro would tell me that adding all that feta would change the ratio of the ingredients and some magical scientific baking-y reaction would mean that they don't taste as good. And the pro would be right.
Unusually this recipe calls for a well in the dry ingredients before adding the milk/egg combo
It certainly looks lovely and colourful - a definite plus
Still I had one straight out the oven and it wasn't exactly a case of forcing it down. They were to be perfect for my weekend away. I had hours of trains to go and three people to test the batch with me. That is why it is so frustrating that I actually forgot to take them with me. They are now in the freezer, but defrosted they just aren't that great. Having only tried one straight out the oven I could not comment on how they would taste fresh, but cooled.
Looks great, tastes heavy, sticks to the case!!

Maybe I should repeat and see if they're better with the correct amount of feta and not frozen first?
I even had red checkered cupcake cases like in the book.
Then again too many recipes, too little time.
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