27 March 2013

Happy Easter to the Office

I definitely have a love hate relationship with my office. Today was a hate day, yet I found me self-neutralising it by making them Easter treats. Completely illogical and neurotic, but all will come clear.

We've all been there. You want to say something really snide, really quick and really immature to a college, but you just can't - that just isn't how it works. Instead I take my anger out in the only way I know; that is by baking. Some people go for a run or own a punchbag for the purposes of stress release, but I own a Kenwood. I smash chocolate and biscuits. Repeatedly. And. With. Each. Bash. I. Think. What. I. Wanted. To. Say. Until... Hmmmmmm the chocolate is in pieces, melted in a minute, silky smooth and ready. I feel better almost instantly.

As this is an Easter theme I added shredded wheat and mixed, before lining muffin cases with this mixutre, creating little nests.

The filling can be slightly softer so I added all different types of sugar, including nutella, syrup, the chocolate and some butter for good measure, knowing that at room temperature, this would not be as hard as the crispy outer layer. Then I added nice biscuits and bourbons and marshmallows, combined them then pressed them in the shells.

To finish I 'gracefully' decorated them with chocolate eggs. I would say mini eggs, however Tesco had none. I know. RIDICULOUS. Only days before Easter and no mini eggs or anything of the sort. Disgrace. They lost out - M&S had two types just walking to the til. 

After deciding the filling should have been white chocolate and I should have added some raisins and nuts and overall my fridge cake muffins resembled small turds and are probably so sickly that you can't finish one... I dusted them with icing sugar. This concealed their ugliness, but only added to my problem of all sugar and nothing else. Just to be sure I got a taster to see if they were as shocking as I expect.

I hope my office have strong enamel on their teeth. By the sounds and looks of it they are gonna need it.

Crush the Shredded Wheat in the bag like this - very effective!

I added just a knob of butter to the Shredded Wheat mix, more as a token than anything.

Trying and failing to capture the steam

One is all you'll need.

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