3 March 2013

Caramel Cupcakes

I still get requests for these cupcakes. Looks like these are one to note down...

They are simple to make and the ingredients are not too expensive, as this is primarily a normal sponge with the addition of a bit of tinned caramel (only around £1.72 for a tin). The only challenge to note is finding the tinned caramel - HINT it is with the condensed milk!

It seems wasteful the amount of caramel you are left with, so make these when you can make double quantities or look and see what other recipes used tinned caramel (I recommend the Sticky Toffee Pudding Cupcakes) OR find a willing volunteer to eat the rest of the caramel straight from the tin. Bear in mind that half the frosting is plenty. I was hardly suprised I had some frosting left over, considering their suggested quantities for icing includes HALF A KILO of icing sugar!!

You can also use the leftover caramel to decorate your cupcakes - in the book they suggest little hearts. I did not have any piping bags to hand so just used a sandwich bag with the corner cut off. I have done this before with some success, but it appears my luck had run out as the bag started to split at the seams (typical). I managed to experiment on a few (and ate these to swiftly hide the evidence) before settling on three oval blobs in the centre of the cake. This is not a complimentary description. They looked a bit like coffee beans, but at the end of the day the stomach really could not care less what shape the caramel blobs are and as mentioned before they are highly regarded in the office!
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