3 February 2013

Snickerdoodle Cookies

The ingredients
Technically these are in the Christmas section of the book, but I don't see why a cinnamon flavoured biscuit cannot be eaten for months either side. When there is snow on the ground it feels Christmassy, so here we are at Snickerdoodle Cookies.

The method used for these is simple and easy. Even when baking at 10pm, as I was, these are a manageable task.

I have tried to get in to a few good habits when baking. The first being to get all the ingredients out before I start and put each one away once I've finished with it (though I don't go as far as to weigh out the ingredients in little bowls). This has a few benefits:

  • I make sure I definitely have all the ingredients.
  • It makes sure I don't leave anything out when baking.
  • I don't have to root around cupboards with hands covered in egg, sugar and flour.
  • I can get very confused when I'm trying to mix, read the instruction, find the ingredient and weigh it before the mixture is beaten stiff, or splits.

In action
I think it's a good habit.

In three sentences you can basically describe the method. Add ingredients to make dough. Roll into balls. Roll in cinnamon sugar. Just to be safe, at this stage I ate three doughballs 'to check they weren't poisonous'. They weren't. They were delicious. If you don't mind the one raw egg, eat half like this - why not?

I also enjoyed the final product and evidently the office did too...

11.00am Elevenses

11.09am Miffed collegues as all that
remains is some cinnamon sugar!
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