5 February 2013

My First Commission - Chocolate Cupcakes

My blog may look like someone dropped pixels at a screen from a great height, but there is faith out there for Beanie's Bakes. 

I have my first order for 20 cupcakes. I'm going for a crowd pleaser, namely chocolate cupcakes. You always get the odd person who like to be 'alternative' (*cough* Hannah *cough* Andy *cough*) but generally you can't go wrong with a good old chocolate cake.

Immediately my thought was whether to do the Hot Chocolate Cupcakes, as I know they were received well, or take the plunge and go for a new recipe. Quite simply, with 110 recipes to get through (I really must triple-check it is actually 110 recipes) I don't have time not to grab the opportunity. The recipient of said cupcakes seemed to have complete faith in me to go for a new recipe, so lets hope between Hummingbird, Kenwood and I, we will be able to produce 20 beautiful cupcakes.

Fingers crossed for me please!

UPDATE... Here is the finished product - the Chocolate Cupcakes, what else?! I'm very pleased with the flowers and they were so fun to make.

I also ticked another one of the list - Chocolate Cupcakes with Vanilla Cupcakes
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