3 February 2013

Hot Chocolate Cupcakes... Baking in the Dark

Sugary crumbs.

Pulling it all together now.


I think that this is the only recipe in the Cake Days book that doesn't come with a photograph (aside from the variations). Helpfully there is a full page photograph of cupcake cases. I was also literally cooking in the dark, as I started again late in the evening. I'm not sure what's gotten in to me but I have the baking bug.

This recipe is a straightforward idea enough. It's a basis sponge with some hot chocolate in it. Literally you make the hot chocolate as you might if you were drinking it - heat the milk (I used the microwave) and then dissolve the hot chocolate - and gradually add to the batter. And you do the same with the frosting.. It's a basic butter icing made with some hot chocolate. Obvious enough, no?

As it was late I requested my mums help. I should know that if its not the well-loved 'Nicki's Chocolate Cake' then Nicki will always think the recipe must be wrong. Obviously this recipe was a little close to home, as she kept suggesting I add more drinking chocolate. Mum doesn't like recipes really. She [thinks she] knows best and I am stubborn. I will stick the recipe and all the while her wise words from years of baking (granted the same cake at least 70% of the time) go ignored. I did listen to her when she said to put the mixture in a jug. That is a TOP TIP right there - I do find that Hummingbird batter is normally runny - as it saves spillage and wastage.

Despite baking with my mother being a stressful experience these cupcakes turned out b-e-a-u-tifully. I tried a cake straight out the oven and was very worried about how fragile these little cupcakes were. The top had a little crust, but the sides would give way, even when picking them up gently. It was worth the extra TLC when frosting and the Managing Partner where I work (name drop) said they were the 'best cakes he's ever had'. I am quite literally keeping him sweet (let's hope it pays off!)

They looked a bit plain and pale when I finished frosting them, so I added a malteaser on each. This of course triggered endless jokes, all nipple-related. My favourite was "They look a bit National Geographic," referring to the African tribeswoman who stereotypically grace the pages of magazines and who obviously aren't as prude as us Brits! 

Uno dos tres cuatro...

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