19 February 2013


For lent this year I decided to give up sugar. Yes sugar. Not including fructose or sweeteners (as that would be near impossible and you need sugars in your diet anyhow). "Why?" you may ask... The challenge. I've done meat, alcohol, chocolate (I actually did anti-lent for this one-- a year without chocolate with 40 days off) so I need a REAL challenge.

Turns out there can sometimes be a bit of an issue when you set yourself too many of these challenges. "How could you give up sugar for 40 days when you've got the challenge of baking 110 recipes in a year?" you may ask (you inquisitive bunch) ...well only time will tell how this turns out but with a batch of double chocolate cookies sitting downstairs, I think it may be fair to say I see this ending in tears.

The issue is that I don't want to make any recipe if I can't try it... I keep going to make a recipe that I think I may not like, (things with peanut butter in) but not doing it just in case it turns out to be my favourite thing in the entire world. Can you imagine the travesty? Therefore my plan is to make the savoury recipes in the book and just count down the days. First stop will be a whoopie pie of some sort. Man I miss sugar. ONE. WEEK. DOWN.
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