12 January 2013

Red Velvet Whoopie Pies... (Red Mud Pies)

Aside from the alarming amount of red food colouring in these cakes (or whoopie pies as I should say), there was another unusual ingredient - Marshmallow Fluff - both of which beg for a disaster. The colouring creates birthmark stains and the marshmallow fluff is actually stickier, harder to weigh and remove from its tub than golden syrup.

For those who haven't used marshmallow fluff before, as one might expect solely from the name, it's an American product that is supposed to be like melted marshamallows. It's a kids dream, sticky and sugary, and turns out it makes frostings, icings and fillings silky smooth. The thing I like best is that it's only 40 calories for two level tablespoons! (I just don't like to consider what obscure experimental and completely false ingredients are needed to make it that texture, colour and taste.)

The whoopie pie bit tasted lovely. I'm sure I could taste the food colouring, but perhaps it was out-of-date, which is very likely.

And against my normal fear of savoury ingredients in a sweet dish (such as cheesecakes, which I am yet to conquer ) I tried the filling, which contained Philadelphia (very light, not fat as specified - it was fine) along with the marshmallow fluff and my own touch, green food colouring. The combination tasted gorgeous. Now for the but...

BUT when I read the instructions to make mounds I assumed that the whoopie pies would spread in the oven, much like cookies do, to create the rounded blobs like in the picture. I was wrong. The whoopie pies didn't spread and so they stayed the asymmetrical, jagged heaps that I plonked on to the tray and in to the oven. They were so inelegant that I didn't have the heart to take a picture. That said I took them to a dinner party and the people who braved the colour said they tasted lovely, despite being so large they were difficult to bite, so require a fork to eat.
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