18 January 2013

Pear and Honey Layer Cake... Bit sloppy isn't it?

Vegetable oil makes a pretty patten and all
but boy pouring it in a cake is wrong
on so many levels
"I really hope it stays up."

"I'm not looking forward to cutting that up."

"Shall I whack it in the fridge?"

"Yeah... Hopefully it will stiffen up"

Those slugs are the pear part, in case that
needed clarifying.

Pardon the innuendo, but it was too good not to post. Despite reducing the frosting by 20% I still had WAY over. Who tested these recipes? I don't know WHAT they were thinking? Do they have a problem... a problem whereby they gorge on half the frosting before it gets to the cake? (It wouldn't surprise me). Whatever the explanation 20% is not drastic enough. Time to take action.

Being excessive is something Americans seem to do well, particularly when it comes to food and this book is no exception. Who has time to separate and bake FOUR layers? I managed three. Two thin ones, then gave up for the second batch and combined the second half of the batter to become a thicker middle layer. In actual fact there wasn't much difference in thickness in the end.

The cooked 'golden' pear slices turned out rather like little squirmy tadpoles, far from beautiful, but these got burrowed in the cooked cake and aren't visible once you've layered the sponges up and covered them in sticky, runny, creamy frosting. Yes, this post must be the world's worst cake innuendo. 

I think I'm going to let the pictures tell the story from here I think.

My Kenwood positively rejects
that much icing.

Somehow my frosting did not require spreading?Hmm...
The leaning cake of Pear-sa (awful joke, I do apologise)

You can drown your sorrows and your cake with this frosting.
Almost fully submerged and ready to cut.

Here goes...

Where's the frosting inside?...

No worries- the frosting runs inside the cake.
Perfectly done, with out so much as a spread of the knife!
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