10 January 2013

Let the baking commence....

Ok so I must put my hands up and admit... it was not on the 1st of January I decided that I would bake the entire Hummingbird Bakery 'Cake Days' recipe book, it was in fact a little later. This may seem even more of an 'issue' if you consider the fact we are now 10 days in to 2013 and a majority of people may have already given up vows made on the 1st of January. I, however, do not mind so much that this idea formed and grown with the with new year, in fact I quite like it.

I do not actually remember when I learnt off by heart my Mum's chocolate cake recipe, but needless to say I have baked from a young age. Nothing complicated, nothing experiemental, actually for many years probably nothing other than that one recipe, BUT each cake counts, right?
I make there 110 114 cakes in the book (though I haven't triple checked this) and 52 weeks in the year (I shouldn't need to check this) ...so that means an average of 2 a week (much to the delight of friends, family and colleagues). I'm ten days in and tonight I made my fifth recipe. The adventure has begun. Destination: Yumminess.
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